Where do the Settlement’s Interests Lie?

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In making grants the Trustees seek to continue the Settlors’ interests while expanding them to encompass other causes. Although the Trustees have a wide discretion they will mainly entertain applications from charities based in Oxfordshire. The following list is by no means exhaustive and is given for guidance only:-

  • Environmental
    This subject particularly deals with organic farming matters, conservation generally and health-related matters such as pollution research and some wildlife protection.
  • Adult Health and Care
    Especially causes supporting the following; post-natal depression, schizophrenia, mental health generally and research into the main causes of early death.
  • Children’s Health and Care
    For physical, mental and learning disabilities, respite breaks etc.
  • Youth Organisations
    Particularly projects encouraging self-reliance or dealing with social deprivation.
  • Education
    Nursery, Primary, Secondary or Higher/Institutions (not individuals).
  • Heritage and the Arts
    Under this category, the Trustees will consider applications relating to heritage and the arts generally.

What is the Trustees’ Policy?PageLines- 300xone.png

The overall policy of the Trustees is to support under-funded charities in their fields of interest in order to assist those charities to play a fuller role in the community. Unfortunately, due to the demands made it is not possible to support all applications even though they may meet the charity’s criteria. However, the Trustees particularly recognise the difficulty many smaller charities experience in obtaining core funding in order to operate efficiently in todays demanding environment.



What Lies Outside the Charity’s Guidelines?
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Applications will not normally be considered in relation to:-

  • Individuals and organisations which are not recognised charities;
  • Animal welfare;
  • Promotion of religion.



Advice to Applicants on how to Apply

All applications should be sent to the administrative office (and not to individual Trustees). These are reviewed on a continual basis and the Trustees meet quarterly to make their decisions. Any decision can therefore take up to four months before it is finally taken. However, all applicants are informed of the outcome of their applications and all applications are acknowledged. Telephone contact will usually be counter-productive. 300four

There are no application forms but the following information is essential:-

  • The registered charity number or evidence of an organisation’s tax exempt status;
  • Brief description of the activities of the charity;
  • The names of the Trustees and chief officers [NB more important than Patrons];
  • Details of the purpose of the application and where funds will be put to use;
  • Details of the public benefit that will arise if your application is successful;
  • Details of the funds already raised and the proposals for how remaining funds are to be raised;
  • The latest Trustees’ report and full audited or independently examined accounts (which must comply with Charity Commission guidelines and requirements);
  • A covering letter with a brief description of the charity in one paragraph and a brief paragraph of the purpose of the application.  We ask that you include the charities turnover and reserves in this letter also;
  • Details of full name of the bank account, sort code, and number into which any grant should be paid;
  • The charity’s email address.
  • All application information is prefered by email with word documents attached;

Applicants are invited to apply to: pyecharitablesettlement@gmail.com

Administration Office300five

C/o. Lucy McCallum-Toppin
Grants Manager
Faringdon Road
OX13 5BG

Please send applications electronically to pyecharitablesettlement@gmail.com


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